Drive Outstanding Outcomes by Enhancing Human Experience

We help you build capability, competency, and resiliency by enhancing your workplace’s employee experience and your marketplace’s customer experience.

What we believe.

How we choose to value and enhance the human experience in both the workplace and the marketplace determines our business success.

What we offer.

Dizen is a Research, Design, and Innovation Consultancy. We offer various services for individuals and organizations to help them gain capability and competency through enhancing the human experience. Learn more



In Human Side Academy, we equip you with practical and science-based knowledge, skills, mindsets, and useful, energizing, and easy-to-use tools to enhance the human experience related to your profession. We coach you with a systematic and supportive approach to stay competent, relevant, and adaptive to solve emergent human and social issues that matter to you and your business. Learn more


research & consulting

Data hugely influence today’s business. We gather data and carefully analyze and interpret it to learn about the actual employee or customer behavior. From data-driven insights, we forecast and address the deepest needs and wants of your employees or customers. We then design strategies, services, processes & systems tailored perfectly and effectively to drive outcomes. Learn more


continuous support

We believe in the power of community and support system. We build a community of experts to support each other, and we continuously support you for sustainable and adaptable results. We celebrate your wins and have your back during ups and downs.

our portfolio

We transform people and organizations.

We contributed to enhancing the human experience during many initiatives. We also coached and trained professionals to do so. See our impact so far:

High demands occupations of industry 4.0 era are those involve building complex relationships with people and understanding their needs and wants, and enhancing their experience. Let’s elevate your profession.


Our training & coaching programs


Design Thinking for Change Management (DTforCM™)

A Systematic Approach to Address Complex Human Issues for Co-Creating Adaptable and Sustainable Changes.

Change Management for Service design

Change Management for Service Designers (CMforSD™)

A Systematic Approach for Co-Creating Adoptable and Sustainable Change through Service Design.

Business Storytelling Formula

Business Storytelling Formula™

A Formula to Get the Best Out of Storytelling for Businesses Outcomes.


You asked...

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What makes Dizen my best choice?

At the individual level, we continuously work with you to become authentic leaders of change and innovation in your companies, in your consulting practices, and in your lives. We provide a full-picture solution that helps the professionals embrace the dynamics of change and innovation by enhancing human experience- from the head of the organization to the client. Our solutions are flexible and effective, which empowers you to thrive in a quickly changing environment.

What makes Dizen my company’s best choice?

We have valuable and proven experience in achieving bold and meaningful change and innovation with an action-oriented program that is individualized just for your company. Our exclusive services and systems will be designed carefully to meet the needs of your customers and stakeholders, the competencies and capabilities of your organization, and are flexible enough to adapt to an ever-changing environment. We tailor and customize our services with extensive research and cutting-edge science.

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