Human Side Academy

High demand occupations of future are those involve providing solutions for complex
human issues. 

In Human Side Academy, we explain and formulate human behaviors relevant for you in a simple way so you can enhance the human experience in your everyday business practice. Not only do we provide knowledge but also, we build a community of experts who can support each other to grow and thrive.


One-on-one Coaching

Advance your career and build your competency with a six-month one-one on exclusive coaching for your own needs. Build your action plans confidently.

Group Coaching

Connect to a community of like-minded people while you develop your competencies through group coaching sessions. Build your action plans, get support, and share your experience.

Self-paced Training

Learn flexibly, anytime, anywhere.

Our training & coaching programs

High demands occupations of industry 4.0 era are those involve building complex relationships with people and understanding their needs and wants, and enhancing their experience. Let’s elevate your profession.


Design Thinking for Change Management (DTforCM)™

A Systematic Approach to Address Complex Human Issues for Co-Creating Adaptable and Sustainable Changes.

Change Management for Service design

Change Management for Service Designers (CMforSD)™

A Systematic Approach for Co-Creating Adoptable and Sustainable Change through Service Design.

What's Your Story text with drawing icon on the background of woman reading tablet

Business Storytelling Formula™

A Formula to Get the Best Out of Storytelling for Businesses Outcomes.

experiential change management by dizen

Experiential Change Management (XCM)™

A one-year comprehensive and exclusive program that embeds human-centred design, experience design/management, and human/social sciences in change management practices for complex transformational changes.


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5 Powerful Co-creation Tools for Implementing Adoptable & Sustainable Organizational Changes

Dealing with change resistance does not need to be complicated. Learn about the tools which enable you to resolve complex human issues during organizational changes.