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One Delicate Aspect of Storytelling for Business You Might Have Missed!

One Delicate Aspect of Storytelling for Business You Might Have Missed!


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Storytelling gives you the sense of being holistic and being connected to other pieces, and other parts of the world. So, when you’re in your story, you’re in your head. And without telling it, sometimes there is a feeling of disconnect between you and me, me and universe, me and environment and everything like that. Thinking about and writing your story help you see the missing pieces of your puzzle.
One of the most important aspects of the story is the connection it builds between you, as a hero or heroine of your story, to the entire picture. And it’s helpful because sometimes, I feel like I am alone, or I am the only person going through this trauma or, I’m the only successful person in the room or something like that. So it always helps you nurture your inner self by being connected to the whole, you know, the big picture rather than to stimulate your ego that I am alone, good or bad. This helped me review my story and see the influence of every single part on my journey, either people or things or events or environments.

I am working on, I’m trying to bring storytelling into business organizations.

It is always a demand to see the big picture during a change initiative or strategic planning. You should ask what the strategic mission is? The story can tell you and shed light on the big picture and see how people, tools, structures, policies, and decisions can influence each other. So people can relate to changes and be the change.

That’s why perhaps anybody has a responsibility to write their story to connect to themselves and to the bigger picture, and then bring it into their own profession because it’s the missing piece of the business world.

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Dr. BehNaz Gholami

Founder of Dizen & Human Side Academy. BehNaz is a Social Scientist, a Senior Change Strategist and Experience Designer.



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