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A deeper dive into human sciences & future of creativity in the era of artificial intelligence.

A deeper dive into human sciences & future of creativity in the era of artificial intelligence.

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When it comes to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, one question that comes to mind is whether machines are going to replace humans. A common understanding is that when machine intelligence ends, human creativity begins. Usually, creativity is one of those places that people normally consider as the human territory. However, this assumption is hard to accept without a careful analysis of creativity, human way of creative work, brain processes, and even current machine capabilities.

We know that there are already machines which can compose poems. Similar capabilities would be found in other areas of creativity such as painting and so on. One main discussion in the world of AI about creativity comes from the concept of perception. Blaise Aguera, principal scientist at Google discusses that:

Perception is the process by which things out there in the world [like] sounds and images, can turn into concepts in the mind. The flip side of perception is creativity [which is] turning a concept into something out there into the world. We create by perceiving, and that perception itself is an act of imagination and is the stuff of creativity.”

However, there is an even more aspects for human creativity. One important aspect is consciousness. We explore the state-of-the-art works in the field of AI and creativity. We discuss about the current theories behind building the creative machines.

We ask: Are the current creative machines conscious of their creative work? Can a machine ever associate a meaning to an art-work? Is it possible to have creativity with merely perception? Is it possible ever to have conscious machines? etc.

Dr. BehNaz Gholami

Dr. BehNaz Gholami

Founder of Dizen & Human Side Academy. BehNaz is a Social Scientist, a Senior Change Strategist and Experience Designer.



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